F5 Series Mandolins
The F5 mandolin has become the traditional mandolin for American acoustic music. The overall power and projection of this well developed design is what makes it the choice of most professional mandolinists.

The superb acoustic qualities and visual design take this instrument "over the top" so to speak.

The basis of our F5 mandolins is the body of knowledge, specifications, measurements, and just plain infatuation with the early F5's made by Gibson and signed by Lloyd Loar. We have carefully inspected and measured several outstanding examples of these benchmark mandolins, and have compiled these notes into our archive for our reference.

We make a small batch of F5's annually, usually ready for the big California Bluegrass Association bluegrass festival in Grass Valley, California, on Father's Day weekend. Mandolins from these batches are not Loar replicas, but incorporate much of the Loar information. They are available on a first come, first served basis. Otherwise, availability is by placing a custom order.

Michael A Lewis, (530) 272-4124,
Spring Ranches Rd., Grass Valley, CA