LEWIS GUITARS | San Rafael Model

The original was made for the Acoustic Guitar Festival in San Rafael in 1998. Lightweight materials and structural design are combined to create a new balance of frequencies, and consequently a new voice. The lightweight yet stiff construction produces a wide compliment of overtones, this gives a fuller sound, especially to the mid and high frequencies. The large sound holes give a more "open" sound since they raise the resonant frequency of the air chamber, as compared to standard "f" holes. The neck is carbon fiber reinforced mahogany with an adjustable truss rod (lighter than maple). The back is European maple carved to nearly 1/2 normal thickness, and braced with especially stiff redwood flying X braces. The bridge is full contact style with a hollowed out foot and no metal parts. The short tailpiece is designed for a long overall string length thereby giving a lighter feel when fretting.

Michael A Lewis, (530) 272-4124,
Spring Ranches Rd., Grass Valley, CA