LEWIS GUITARS | 8 String Model
This guitar was inspired by the playing of Charlie Hunter. The string and fret layout is the same as Ralph Novak used when making Charlie’s solid body Novax 8 string guitar.

The back, sides, and neck of this guitar are California black walnut; the top is sitka spruce. The fingerboard and bridge are acoustically alive, as they are made of rosewood.

Wide frets are used for the 3 black nylon tape wound La Bella bass strings, while stainless standard guitar frets are used for the five guitar strings.

Waverly guitar machines are used for the guitar strings and Hipshot bass machines are used for the three bass strings.

Carbon fiber bars reinforce the neck and carbon fiber tubes triangulate between the neck and tailblocks. All this reinforcement takes much of the stress from the wooden parts that would otherwise deform from the stresses induced by the string tension.

A Bartolini 5J pickup is used for the guitar strings and a Martin Thinline Gold Plus picks up the signal of the three bass strings.

This project was full of new considerations for me and I am very pleased with the way it came together

Michael A Lewis, (530) 272-4124,
Spring Ranches Rd., Grass Valley, CA